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About US

Nolij Consulting LLC is a fast growing Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) consulting firm focused on federal and commercial healthcare clients. Nolij provides strategy, technology, and human capital services for Military Health System (Department of Defense), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Nolij is also growing rapidly in the commercial market supporting commercial healthcare clients in providing software development, cyber consulting and ERP services. Our core capabilities are Management Consulting, Strategic Sourcing, IT Solutions, Cyber Services, ERP Consulting, Training and Course Development, and Marketing Strategies.

Nolij cares passionately about our U.S. military and their families. Through our work, we are committed to improving the quality of their healthcare. We are equally passionate about hiring veterans to support our current projects and our growth. We strategically partner with other consulting firms and software vendors with an aim to offer a unique solution and exceed client expectations. Together we understand client challenges, address them with innovative business solutions, and work closely together to achieve project success.

Our Services

Management Consulting

Nolij provides the professional management solutions necessary to successfully complete any project. Our program and project management services collectively ensure that we address the right issues and put the best solutions and resources in place to exceed client goals on time and within budget. Our program managers provide continuous oversight and support to projects through making big picture decisions, maintaining program perspective, and by serving as a sounding board for ideas and approaches to solving project issues and risks affecting the overall program. Our project managers are well versed in business process improvement principles and apply these principles through project completion to effectively meet program objectives in a sustainable manner.

Our management solutions entail:

Program and Project Management
Scope and Time Management
Cost Management
Quality Management
Communication Management
Earned Value Management
Procurement Management
Financial Management
Stakeholder Management
Teamwork Management
Risk Management
Lessons Learned Management
Budget and Program Development
Budget Execution Monitoring
Contract Requirement Analysis
Contract Negotiation
Contract Closeout
Integration Management

Strategic Sourcing

Nolij's approach to staffing and monitoring the progress of projects and programs through completion accomplishes several key goals in meeting client human capital needs. We lower labor costs and enhance operational performance by providing the highest standards of service while relieving our clients of many project-related responsibilities involving recruiting, management, and administrative duties.

IT Solutions

Nolij's technical services include technology program management, system requirements, system testing, software code quality assessment, system engineering, capacity planning, asset management, system administration, information assurance, configuration management, SharePoint development, software development and data analytics.

Training and Course Development

Nolij offers customized learning solutions involving design, development, and delivery of on-site and virtual training. We work closely with key stakeholders to understand their training requirements, audience, and goals in order to develop and implement a customized training approach and plan that will provide desired outcomes. We optimize our training programs by:

  • Increasing user adoption by delivering quality training materials, developing innovative teaching methods, and conducting training in an upbeat, interesting, and professional manner.
  • Understanding and appreciating the need for excellent training to accomplish client mission.
  • Improving training materials and approach by continuously gathering feedback from clients and audience and quickly incorporating their best practices into training programs.
  • Teaming with the client's Help Desk to understand and quickly resolve end user issues and concerns.
  • Creating consistency in training communications and collaboration between trainers and trainees regardless of location.

Marketing Strategies

Because we believe that marketing is an integral function in a program's success, one of the first steps we take in working with our clients at Nolij is to conduct a marketing analysis. The results help us understand our clients' challenges and issues and develop a customized marketing approach to ensure we achieve their goals. Our marketing strategies include: Branding and Messaging, Education and Communication, Marketing Materials, Website Marketing, Mobile Application Development and Design, and Social Marketing.

ERP Implementation

Nolij Consulting is providing SAP HANA and SAP Business Suite 4 HANA (SAP S/4HANA) support to clients. SAP HANA implementations change and impact all critical enterprise functions from logistics, finance, customer service, supply chain and marketing. The technology allows clients to instantly explore and analyze all of their transactional and analytical data from virtually any data source in real time. Our consultants deliver these services in an integrated manner working very closely with client teams whether addressing a single business process or a full scale transformation of your entire organization.

Cyber Consulting

Nolij Consulting provides cyber consulting to both federal and commercial clients. The alignment of security with critical business processes is key to ensuring that an organization's assets are effectively protected. Nolij consultants help achieve this goal by designing an overall risk management approach aligned to the overarching governance framework of the company. Nolij also provides cyber compliance, monitoring and reporting services.

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Ashley recognized that the skills I gained during deployment in the military were transferrable into her healthcare training project. It was nice to get hired immediately as a new veteran!

John Lee
Military veteran